Feasibility Studies – showing the technological and practical implications of proceeding with a potential development project. The feasibility study should be linked to the viability study so that various alternatives and options can be considered before determining how to proceed. Madinah provides these services to match the Clients Brief (see Client Brief) to meet the time, cost, quality, and certainty requirements of the client. 

Madinah’s feasibility study brings a different approach to Projects and Investment by combining the expertise and controls developed within the UK property and investment market and the dynamism of the Turkish market.

Scope & Proposal of Feasibility

Project Business Case | This develops the rationale and logic for the proposed venture. It can be formal and highly structured or informal as the circumstances require. A compelling business case gathers all of the quantitative and qualitative features that define and justify the project.

Development Management | Clients can have as much or as little involvement in the operational management of their project. Whatever level of involvement the client wishes, then Madinah can offer a service to complement the client’s involvement to ensure that all of the necessary management and project scrutiny are conducted to protect the client’s interests in the project. These services would be discussed and defined in an initial consultation meeting with the client

Development Advice | Madinah can provide advice and assistance to clients in formulating the client’s investment strategy. The advice and assistance can be combined into attaining a more informed Clients Brief or at later stages of a development can be used to refine or adapt the client’s investment strategy. The specific services offered by Madinah would be defined in a consultation meeting with the client.

Investment development | creating options for client appraisal. Highlighting various alternative uses for a site or project or showing permutations of layouts and plans, or time schedules that match a client’s requirements. Madinah can provide investment development services to match the Clients Brief (see Client Brief). The Investment Development can be combined with Client Risk Management (see Risk Management) and any other services as defined as necessary and agreed during the initial consultation with the client.

Client Brief and Scope of Works | The Client Brief defines the expectations and requirements of the client. It specifies the mandatory features of the project as required by the client. It specifies how the success of the project will be evaluated by the client. Typically, in construction and development projects, the mandatory features are defined by the factors of: Cost; Time; Quality; Certainty.
The Scope of Works defines the extent of the physical outputs of a project, i.e. A Hospital, a School, an Office Plaza, etc. The scope may define the outputs in as much detail as is required by the client to obtain authorization to proceed further with the project development. For example, a 500 Bed Hospital, or a High School for 750 pupils. It may also define any items that are not included in the project. For example, a 40 Villa complex, excluding all external landscaping and paving works.

Viability and Profitability Projections | showing the financial logic of a potential development project and the potential profits that could be realised. These projections are important for the client to understand the financial commitments and the timing of payments to the project and the receipt of income or returns from the project. Net present value predictions can be developed for a range of economic circumstances and variations in bank rates and inflation. Madinah can provide these services to match the Clients Brief (see Client Brief) to meet the time, cost, quality, and certainty requirements of the client. They can be combined with Client Risk Management (see Risk Management) and any other services as defined as necessary and agreed during the initial consultation with the client so that options and alternatives can be evaluated and considered so that informed decisions are made by the client.

Project Budgets| The Project Budget states the anticipated financial commitment of the client to meet all costs, expenses, fees (including compulsory taxes and Municipality charges) and other outgoings required to complete the project. It will also normally include a contingency sum to cover minor discrepancies and changes as the project becomes more defined. Detailed Project Budget thresholds will be discussed and agreed with the client in defining the Client Brief.

Project Finance | Clients can have a large or small financial investment into a specific project. If the client’s investment does not meet the entire project budget, then other sources of finance will be required to complete the budget. Madinah can assist and advise the client on such financial sources. The specific services necessary would be identified by Madinah and discussed with the client at a consultation meeting.